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BBQ Bash

Time to celebrate the beginning of summer with free food and video games at my apartment. If you wanna come, leave me a comment and I'll give you my address and the such. To my friends with no car: lmk if you wanna come any I can try and work out the ride situation. Should be hella fun!!!!! :3

OMG YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know it's not for a year but I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!
Details when I get home from work :3

::goth dress::

First completed project of May!! I finally got lining for the bodice of the dress on Wednesday. That night I got the bodice completed inbetween episodes of NCIS (I love Abby!). Yesterday the skirt came together in 2 hours (maybe sooner?) I *really* like the dress! Sooo happy with how it came out.

So the bodice is held close with hook and eye tape (I wanted to do it this way, but Alyssa liked the tape hidden) and the skirt is left open. It's meant to be worn over skinny jeans or tights. I'm already planning to make another one too! The new one will be white with black lace over it, something like this but instead of fishnet, lace). I don't know what color to do the lining in...? Black? White? Suggestions are welcome!

I will be repeating the "corset lacing" in the back, and this time I'll line the skirt too. I don't like how you can see the seams on the inside of the skirt. And besides, if like the wind catches the skirt it'll look soo much better to see lining than the seams ^_^;;

::close up of the corset lacing::peek at the lining:: I really like how the brick-red color looks with the black. I was a little worried when I picked it up at JoAnn's. I tought I should have gotten a more blod red color, but I'm really happy with the first choice :3

::bodice close up::

::skirt close up::

Rosie!!! I think this would look TOTALLY cute on you with my boots you stole borrowed; maybe to wear to club?? =]

A  few more pictures can be found on my flickr page. As always, C&C is always welcome!! Let me know what you think =D I gotta go work on turning this sketch into a wearable outfit. ^_______^

Anime Viewing!!! Code Geass!
Next weekend (Saturday and Sunday...maybe Friday) I'm be watching Code Geass over again. Hella good anime! Everyone is invited!!

The weekend after that tempura/anime/video game party/gathering. More to come on that later =D

::WIP::Goth dress
Thanks everyone for your nice comments on my previous post! Now I'm really excited about making the costumes!

I'm finally getting back into my groove of things since the Break Up (Rusty still isn't talking to me, I think I've lost my friend forever) in regards to my sewing. I began making a dress for Alyssa. See below for the pictures of the test piece:

Front of the dress

Dress back

The front is closed with hook and eye tape (that will be sew to the front and not pinned so the pulling wont be there) and the back is going to have faux corset lacing down the back. The actual tape of the d rings will be hidden in the seam:

Back of the bodice.

Excuse the electric blue ribbon. It's the only thing I had on hand. Nice, ne??

So far I have most of the bodice taken care of. It's fully lined, and instead of using a nice (thin) lining like I should have, I used the fashion fabric...BIG mistake. I can turn it right side out to form the should straps. >Damn!!!</big>

LOL So I'm going to take it apart and get some real lining in a few days. I have the skirt done and hemmed, so once I redo the bodice I'll attach it to the skirt and be done!! I'm going to be making another version of the dress in hite with black lace over the top. I might skip on the corset lacing in the back. Ideas??

I'll be posting pictures of the completed dress in a few days. =D†

::Project Steampunk::
So, many, many months ago I planned on participating in Sac City's Steampunk fashion show, but it ever happened. I had to take a semester off, and decided instead of getting my degree in Costume Design, and then *hoping* to get a job, I'm going to school for Medial Coding, where I *know* I can get a job. But... I still wanna make the costumes!!

My cousin Alyssa came over a couple of weekend ago, and did the sketches for me!!

::Rosie's Costume Design::

For Rosie I'm planning:
::Mini skirt that swoops up into a bustle train::
::Over bust corset top::
::Shrug with Mandarin collar::
::Thigh high spats::

Her color theme will be black and red (of course) with maybe accents of white

Ellis, Josie, and other sketches behid the cutCollapse )

So what does everyone think?? I don't know if I'm going to make everything, but I think I might! I'm really looking forward to making the corsets!! I've been doing a lot of research and reading on different techniques about what kinds of boning to use, etc. Once I get some more money in I'm going to get the corset supplies I'm missing (bones and busks) and at least start on them.

I'm planning another sewing post for tomorrow, but this one is mainly normal clothes I've made for my friend Amy....AND I'll be posting about the new embroidery machine I got!!!! (EXCITED!) OH! and I still have to post about the kimono top I made for Alyssa.

Well...let me know what you guys think!!! <3 And I hope to see everyone on Saturday <3 <3 <3

House Cooling Party
OMG!! I'm FINALLY having a house warming (well, I'm calling it cooling) party this weekend!!!

Who: EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What: Big ass anime/video game party

When: Saturday May 2nd, around 3pm - when ever you want to leave

Where: Cammy's apt! (2100 Valley View Dr #616 El Dorado Hills 95762)

Why: Because no one's been to the new apt and I miss everyone.

Bring video games/gaming systems to my house. I have a Wii and extra wiimote, but bring your own. Bring video games too!!! I only have Wii Fit, Wii Sports, and Smash Bros. (Someone wanna bring Xbox and Halo???) Hehehe

Since I live so far, everyone is free to crash at my place =D Any suggestions on what anime anyone wants to watch??

Please leave me a comment if you're coming!!! Hope to see everyone this Saturday =D

The NASCAR crash reminds me of Dane Cook!!!

"She tires to stop it!! She tires!!!" HEHEHEHEH

(no subject)
Rusty and I broke up and aren't talking.

I'm sorry for all the pain I caused Rusty and hope we can mend our friendship.

I don't know how I feel.

Sorry to everyone since I haven't been around for a while. I gotta do some soul searching and get back to the old happy Cammy.

I miss and love all of my friends.


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